The missing health widgets you were looking for specially designed for iOS14.


Hidgets - Your health widgets for the iPhone | Product Hunt


Hidgets looks great on the new iPhone 12 Pro.

Configure up to 7 different categories of health-related information.

Widgets are fun!

Add one or as many widgets you want to your home screen, there are more than 34 to chose from.


Heart Rate

Monitor your heart rate with 5 different widgets of your preference. Compatible with any device that writes data to Health.


Blood Oxygen

Monitor your blood oxygen levels with the new Apple Watch Series 6 or any other compatible device. There are 5 widgets to choose from.


Calories Burned

Do you want to keep track of how much active energy you've spent? There are 7 widgets to keep track of that.

walking figure


Do you know how many steps you usually do a day? Well, now you will, you have 7 widgets to keep track of that.


Sleep time

Do you track your sleep time? Monitor it with your Apple Watch or any compatible device, and choose between time in bed or asleep.



You probably won't be constantly looking at how much you weight, but if so, you have 5 different widgets for that.


Blood Glucose

Do you have one of those devices that measure your blood suger level from time to time? Keep track of that easely.


More widgets

More widgets are being added at each release. Whats missing for you? Contact me.

Available in 9 languages including English.

More languages are coming soon.


Have total control on each screen.

Dark or light mode, colored or black and white, you choose exactly how your widgets should look like, always maintaining a clean look.

Available today!

Download now and don't miss the upcoming updates, that will bring all this information to your Apple Watch and to Siri as well.


Any questions?!