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Display your health information with style!

The latest iOS release has introduced an amazing feature on your homescreens called widgets. What was missing? Exactly, health related widgets. Not anymore!

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Blood Oxygen

Get your latest readings on your blood oxygen saturations readings right on your home screen.


Get your sleep hours displayed on the front row, be the source your watch, the phone, or any other 3rd party app.

Heart Rate

Are you chill or just came from a work out? Monitor your heart beat at a glance of your phone.

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Calories Burned

How many calories have your burned today? Take a quick look at it.


Keep track of how many steps you've accumulated for the day very quickly.


Too many smoothies? Proud about your weight? Display it in style!

What People Are Saying

People are loving Hidgets. Take a look at what they're saying.

The missing widget I needed!

Amazing it’s the missing widgets that should have been there for the health app. Brilliant job! Hopefully more health sources will be added in the future. Temperature would be brilliant to have as well

Great use of widgets

Very happy with this app, provides a great way to quickly see the aspects of my health that I am tracking right on my Home Screen.

Simple widget on iPhone

I like this widget app it’s nicely done and let you see your stats at a glance can’t wait for future updates.


Happy to finally have this feature that should be native on iOS. However the number of widget types is quite limited, I’d prefer to have my walking distance in kilometers instead of steps for example, and it doesn’t seem to be possible (yet ?). There’s still room for improvement, but good job otherwise 😊

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