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The missing health widgets you were looking for specially designed for iOS14.

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I’ve been wanting an Apple Health widget for a long time. This one is done so well it feels native iOS.

danielgoldwater – April 14, 2021

Health widgets for everyone!

Hidgets comes with 11 different categories and types of widgets, that display data directly from the Health app database. More widgets will be added in the upcoming versions. If you have an idea from a widget, here's a good place to post it.

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What categories are supported right now?

Heart Rate Icon

Heart Rate

Monitor your heart rate with 5 different widgets of your preference. Compatible with any device that writes data to Health.

Blood Oxygen Icon

Blood Oxygen

Monitor your blood oxygen levels with the new Apple Watch Series 6 or any other compatible device. There are 5 widgets to choose from.

Calories Burned

Do you want to keep track of how much active energy you've spent? There are 7 widgets to keep track of that.


Do you know how many steps you usually do a day? Well, now you will, you have 7 widgets to keep track of that.

Sleep Time

Do you track your sleep time? Monitor it with your Apple Watch or any compatible device, and choose between time in bed or asleep.

Weight Icon


You probably won't be constantly looking at how much you weight, but if so, you have 5 different widgets for that.

Blood Glucose Icon

Blood Glucose

Do you have one of those devices that measure your blood suger level from time to time? Keep track of that easely.

Walking and Running Distance

Display the distance you've walked or ran for the day, view your distance per hour or the weekly average compared to today.


Do you track how much water you drink every day? Well this widgets will be very helpful. Display your daily consumptiom proudly.

Resting Heart Rate

Being a healthy person, the lower you can get your resting heart rate, the better. Monitor it with a simple yet elegant widget.

Mindful Minutes

Do you track your meditation time? Do you have an idea how much you've dedicated to your mind and soul today? Now you can.

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What's So Great About Hidgets?

Well, if you take my word for it, it's because it is a crucial missing piece in the iOS 14 ecosystem. But you can take the word from hundreds of customers who rated Hidgets with 5 stars.

4.4 out of 5 stars
290+ ratings worldwide  

Literally amazing

Something I was shocked not to find built in as it should be. Works amazing does what it says. Please please could you add one for walking and running distance though. Cheers 👌


United Kingdom

Exactly what I was looking for

I have really wanted to see how my active energy compares to the average on the Home Screen and this widget has just that! Thanks for making this!!


United States

Good design!

I was looking for a widget to display my steps, and this worked best. The design is wonderful!



The missing Health Widget App. Buy it now.

I was disappointed that Apple didn’t provide any health widgets with iOS 14. I found Hidgets after a quick Google search and I wasn’t disappointed. I have all the options I need. Kudos to the developer(s), keep up the good work!


United States